Marketing Gets More Exciting than Ever

“Contagious” is a fabulous book to read. Modern marketing at it’s best.


Crowdfunding Research

Last week I researched Crowdfunding as a means of fundraising. I am hoping to come up with a good report on what it is. My next step is to interview a project leader from
Bridgeport museum.
They have just launched a crowdfunding initiative:

Fantastic Interactive Pack offered by

Creative Marketing

Sometimes in marketing it pays off to be creative. If you can come up with an idea for marketing your own product, which uses other company’s product (if you do not compete with them directly) it can be a good thing for both companies. It’s called an alliance. Big companies form alliances all the time. We all saw this £10 pound Argos or M&S voucher advertised on front page of “Daily Mail”. You buy a newspaper to find out that to make use of a voucher, you need a Sunday paper.